POP-MACHINA aims to demonstrate the power and potential of the maker movement and collaborative production for the EU circular economy. We draw from a number of cut-edge technologies (factory-of-the-future, block-chain) and disciplines (urban planning, architecture) to provide the support necessary to overcome scaling issues; a typical drawback of collaborative production; to find the areas more in need of our intervention and to reconfigure unused spaces. We put forth an elaborate community engagement program to network, incentivize and stimulate through maker fairs and events existing and new maker communities in all our municipalities. This project will be developed in 7 municipalities of the UE: Venlo, Istanbul, Kaunas, Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Santander and Leuven in collaboration with different universities and other partners. Koç University is the partner to the Istanbul Consortium along with ISTAC, IBB and PlanetTurkey+