A Smart Kitchen System

Enables users to look up recipes, control the music and answer phone calls with on-skin gestures in kitchen


Hand-specific on-skin gestures (HSoS) use hands as an input surface that creates advantages when physical interaction with devices is limited (i.e. with dirty hands in the kitchen). However, literature lacks studies exploring HSoS from the user’s point of view, context-based user studies to uncover the potential problems of using HSoS, and considerations to guide the design of interactive products using this modality.


Our research process focuses on extracting user expectations from a gesture control system in the kitchen, designing a conceptual prototype meeting these expectations and conducting WoZ experiments for in-depth user evaluations. In total, 234 participants contributed to our research, which is a bigger than the current gesture studies’ sample size.

2HandTouch is a result of an iterative research through design process.

The aim is to understand the users’ intention to use HSoS controlled system in the kitchen, its perceived benefits for the users and their concerns towards adopting this system.

Project Members

Oğuzhan Özcan
Aykut Coşkun
Tilbe Göksün
Yücel Yemez

Ceylan Beşevli
Hüseyin Uğur Genç

In cooperation with

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